mariaovoxo19-deactivated2014072 asked:
You & your boyfriend are adorable <3 ; I wish you guys the Best * Follow back please ?? <3

thank you! <3 and will doo :D

luv-this-shit asked:
Your videos, especially "mi niña traviesa" ♥♥♥

thank youuuu !

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever thought of making make up or hair styles tutorials? :) By the way, you are really really pretty<3

I actually have but it hasn’t really caught my attention c: lol

ohhitsroxanna asked:
Hey , Your Videos Are SO CUTE & Your Just Gorgeous <3 Follow Back , Please? c':

will do, and thank you girly!

Anonymous asked:
your favorite 10 corridos?

mmmm, I have no clue ;o lol

ahyyalee asked:
ur videos make me feel forever alone c':

awe, im sorry :c lol

Anonymous asked:
what does callherdayday mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

call me dayday means call me dayday lol, and I don’t even know what that

ayvette95 asked:
its not really a question but you should make a video of your bf singing "el primer lugar" to you. its by la original banda limon. i think that would be cute af ^-^

omgggg,  I been telling him to but he doesn’t want to do it :c

Anonymous asked:
why your boyfriend are famous? :o


hellokitty cursor (: